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Why some young women never become escorts until their 30s


We love to match the requirements of our escort clients.

Some prefer the kind of teenage escort Rusholme guys are finding the hot ticket right now, others like the 20 somethings who they can date as the party escorts Manchester city centre vibrates with, for their sexy fun and laughter every night.

But then come the exceptional escorts that Shush Escorts Agency calls its mature escorts, those delectable, experienced, and sensually charged young women who are 30 – 35 years of age.

Are they escorts who have been with the agency over several years? No generally not.

They are often new escorts who after a time have realised that they want to share the love, not give it all to one, sometimes ungrateful guy!

They have reached a stage in their lives when they want a slice of pleasure for themselves and the penny drops – the best way to do this is to become an escort!

Manchester UK has some of the best escorts anywhere you care to name, and high up on that claim to fame are the mature escorts at Shush!

Are they hotter than their escort colleagues?

Well, we wouldn’t like to say that exactly, but they are hotter in different ways!

They are at their sexual peak, they have learned about men, they have assimilated the things that being with guys has taught them, they have real expertise.

Experience tells and these 30 + escorts have that. The teen escort Rusholme is raving about has got different qualities, she is fresh, barely legal, (but definitely is – don’t worry) and has all that eagerness that she cannot disguise.

But date one of the escorts Manchester City Centre boasts, the cougar of 30 or so and you will be in for a night like no other.

Hers are the talents that she has been honing to perfection for the past decade and more.

She is the one that is not just open minded to the things you would like to suggest, she can add a few variations of her own that will even surprise you.

All those skills that she has acquired, maybe one of her extras like the erotic massage, her talents are boundless.

Even science says that at this age she is ripe for the picking!

Those that have dated escorts for years and have sampled the best, say that a young female escort like her is the one for them.

When she appeals to the worldly wise like this, you know you will be with an escort Manchester UK clients say is unstoppable!

Insatiable, tireless, inventive, adventure-seeking, she is out there to grab the fun before it escapes her.

The desire is running through her body for this kind of adult encounter.

What might make her a cougar?

Whilst it can be said that all of our escorts are eager to mingle, the 30 something doesn’t mess about. She is as highly motivated as you!

Take her on and you will be with a woman who has it all, the skills and the attitude, in fact she may well have the same predatory techniques as the man who loves to meet woman.

She loves to meet men and goes all out to get the most out of every encounter!

She may have started late as an escort, Manchester UK and international clients certainly know she has arrived on the escorting scene now though!

So now you know a little about why she suddenly decided to become an escort Manchester city centre can boast, as available to date for all you guys who like a full on escort encounter.

She has left the mundane life behind and gone for the experiences that she can bring to clients like you!

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