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FAYE Available Today

Faye has the body of an angel and she is not shy to share, she is very GFE orientated in her style with plenty of touching,DFK, OWO and full service, all delivered with a sexy smile and a naughty wink. Such fun!!!!

Added : 30/05/2024 Reviewer : Liam
GABRIELLA Available Today

With so much going on, because Gabriella is very intense, I am reliving the experience today in my mind. Two hours of sheer heaven and the memories just keep flooding back of each part. Amazing!

Added : 30/05/2024 Reviewer : Matt
NATALIA Available Today

If you keep your feet on the ground you know that she isn’t for keeps. But it is very hard when you are with Natalia. I am here the next day and thinking what it would be like if she was my real time girlfriend. Her desire to please was so strong, I worshipped her body. But I had to let her go. Life is tough once you have met a girl like Natalia, at least for me. Missing you honey XX

Added : 30/05/2024 Reviewer : Jack
BIANCA Available Today

Great time with an energetic escort who has lots of fun on offer. What’s not to love??!! Recommended boys!!!

Added : 30/05/2024 Reviewer : Malik
BREE Available Today

The beautiful Bree, I asked myself was she really going to be as good as everyone says. Five minutes with her and I knew I was joining the Bree fan club and after the time was over I am ready to say she is the VERY BEST!!!

Added : 30/05/2024 Reviewer : Mason
KATE Available Today

I’m walking in the clouds!!!!! I can still bring back that memory of my first look at Kate, shewas more beautiful than the pictures!She oozed sexiness but is also considerate, with a genuine charisma that drew me straight to her. Thank you for an amazing night, and I will definitely want to meet you again Kate!

Added : 30/05/2024 Reviewer : Mike
HANNAH Available Today

Hannah queen of the oral!!! Not to say that the rest wasn’t good because it was amazing, but the OWO was beyond description! Recommended if you can get to meet her.

Added : 30/05/2024 Reviewer : Danny
TARA Available Today

She is the best girl I see. Coming back for sure.

Added : 30/05/2024 Reviewer : Usman
JULIA Available Today

I love blondes and Julia is in my dream escort category. She didn’t disappoint in any way. She looked perfect and I found her so desirable. Services were all I wanted. Thanks to one of Manchester’s perfect escorts.

Added : 30/05/2024 Reviewer : Anders
NICOLE Available Today

The best thing to know about this girl is she is downright sexy and she knows it. Not afraid to let me see that she was enjoying being with me and went that extra bit in pleasing me that showed her real deep intent to satisfy! Quality escort. Thanks Shush for the heads up that she would suit me.

Added : 30/05/2024 Reviewer : Will
AMALIA Available Today

Amalia is intelligent, communicative, and of course the ultimate in sensuality. She is in a class of her own. Services were exceptional and being with such an articulate woman made for a date that was on another level in my book.

Added : 30/05/2024 Reviewer : Nicholas
JESSIE Available Today

I would find it hard to imagine a better escort experience than I had with Jessie. Enough said!

Added : 30/05/2024 Reviewer : Nat
KATIE Available Today

There seem to be few adjectives and words of praise that have not already been applied to Katie! I have to say that she is as good as it gets, lovely inside and out and a lover of extraordinary skill. It was a special evening for me Katie and many, many thanks for making it so special.

Added : 30/05/2024 Reviewer : Mark
ANNA Available Today

Extraordinary to say that I experienced new things with Anna that even at my age (mid 40s) I had not done before. And no, I haven’t been keeping myself to myself! She gave me the best time possible! 5* and I must recommend!

Added : 30/05/2024 Reviewer : Paul
ADELE Available Today

Adele is a diamond hiding away in Manchester and I am so pleased that I discovered her. I never want her to move away, although she would probably earn 3 times as much in London. Please stay true to the north my sweet so that I can see you again.

Added : 30/05/2024 Reviewer : Melvyn
SARA Available Today

With this exquisite woman there is no rushing, or clock watching. Her services were delivered with elegance and skill with all extras as requested. I have seen Sara previously and again last week and I can say that if you have not experienced her up until now then you are missing out.

Added : 30/05/2024 Reviewer : Carter
SCARLET Available Today

Services top notch and everything about Scarlet screams sexy!!! And I was listening and paying her full attention! An escort that I will certainly think about booking again after our time together.

Added : 30/05/2024 Reviewer : Oliver
CHRISTELLE Available Today

An escort well worth seeing, I foundher desirable not only for her model looks but because she was able to make me believe for those few hours that she was mine. Wonderful!

Added : 30/05/2024 Reviewer : Lloyd
CANDY Available Today

If you tell Candy what you want, unless it is outrageous or not sympathetic to her nature, the answer will be yes as far as my experience with her goes. All my asks were smiled upon with that lovely smile of hers, added into the experience as if they were her ideas in the first place. Loved it!! Love you sweetie!!

Added : 30/05/2024 Reviewer : Evan
MIKAYLA Available Today

Yep! Missed her after that first time and since then we have been making it a bit of a regular thing. The pleasure of seeing her actually increases, I can’t see me stopping this for quite a while.

Added : 30/05/2024 Reviewer : Eric
YASMIN Available Today

Yasmin is a mix of the erotic and the exotic. A very special little lady that offers more than the average escort date without question!!! 5*

Added : 30/05/2024 Reviewer : John
LARISA Available Today

Still waters run deep and all that stuff. Larissa really does have hidden depths of decadence though!!! Best escort lately and I will want to try her out again.

Added : 30/05/2024 Reviewer : Gerry
MICHELLE Available Today

I thought it was time to take things to another level so booked two escorts, Michelle who is notoriously naughty and Scarlet who was unknown to me until last night. The two of them made pleasure something completely new. It was a revelation with both of them never giving me a moment between one kind of excess and another!!!!! Into another realm of satisfaction altogether! 10/10 and 10/10 respectively!

Added : 30/05/2024 Reviewer : Milo
JACKIE Available Today

Firecracker. Fireball.Or whatever, she is super charged!!! A lingering OWO that made me so happy, I thought there couldn’t be any greater pleasure, but there was!!! Extra special escort.Thank you for a total blast!!!

Added : 30/05/2024 Reviewer : Rosco
DANIELLE Available Today

Danielle was so much more than just another escort date. Of course she scratched my itch for a sexy woman, but this girl gives something extra. She has a great personality, lots of intimate chat, and a passion that comes through every pore! Unmistakable 5*!!!

Added : 30/05/2024 Reviewer : Henry
HENSSEY Available Today

I will be seeing her again for sure. She was hot and I think she really liked it with me, so that was good for both like!

Added : 30/05/2024 Reviewer : Imran
CINDY Available Today

Just passing through the UK for a couple of days, Cindy came to my hotel as recommended by the agency. Many thanks for the time we spent together, you made my trip memorable!!

Added : 30/05/2024 Reviewer : Wyatt
SUMMER Available Today

Summer is a beautiful girl with a naughty streak and sexy smile. Quality escort that delivered on my requests in every way. Highly recommended. She is a gem!

Added : 30/05/2024 Reviewer : Sebastian
DIANA Available Today

Diana turned up for our dinner date looking divine, she flirted outrageously with me during the meal and sweet talked the waiter who looked as if he had been blessed! I couldn’t wait for the second half of the evening as the seduction had got me riled up and even tilting towards the edge. A brisk walk back to my apartment and we were set for the rest of the date. First class, A dinner date escort of the first order!

Added : 30/05/2024 Reviewer : Gavin
LEANNE Available Today

This girl is talented! Not all escorts know how to take it slow, it requires technique, but Leanne got into my way of thinking with style. Thank you it was extremely satisfying! 5*

Added : 30/05/2024 Reviewer : Max
SAPPHIRE Available Today

Doubled my investment as after last time I decided to come back and book her again and for twice as long. No regrets. She was as good as I remembered. Just have to pop her on my expenses sheet somehow LOL

Added : 30/05/2024 Reviewer : Issac
VANESSA Available Today

Full on horny babe!!! We covered a lot of ground in 2 hours starting with her signature DFK, a sensation of a GFE, a turn with A-level, and I almost forgot an earlier OWO.

Added : 30/05/2024 Reviewer : Julian
CRYSTALL Available Today

It was very special to meet with this beautiful escort. I have had my eye on her profile for a while and was simply waiting for an opportunity to get a night’s stopover in Manchester. It felt so good being with her and the s** was nothing short of magnificent! What can I say? Crystall you were perfect!

Added : 30/05/2024 Reviewer : Brayden
ANGEL Available Today

Pretty and delightfully naughty. Did she choose the name Angel because she is anything but? I meant to ask her but I was busy! Recommended

Added : 30/05/2024 Reviewer : Dominic
AFIAH Available Today

Hell fire!!!! I am left shattered! This girl had more energy that is possibly legal!!!! Never mind willing to please she took me to the stars and back as they say twice in the hour!!!!

Added : 30/05/2024 Reviewer : Bryce
ERICA Available Today

2 Hours of fun with Erica set me up for the rest of the week! If all goes well with my business meetings I will reward myself by seeing her again at the end of the week. Sounds like a good plan to me!!! LOL

Added : 30/05/2024 Reviewer : Charles
KELLY Available Today

This girl is a breath of fresh air. She is naturally vibrant, willing and yes eager to please. But her love of life shines through and she made me feel that zest along with her. Immeasurable fun!!!

Added : 30/05/2024 Reviewer : Leo
CHLOE Available Today

 Oh Chloe!!! You are a total minx. A naughty tease andfull of sexy wickedness!!! I can only regret we have not met before, but I can assure you that I would love to meet you again!!! 5*

Added : 30/05/2024 Reviewer : Adrian
KENDAL Available Today

Kendal was recommended by another punter that I met online and I was pleased to find her available last Friday. Her actions are as good as her reputation and I am happy to pass on the word that Kendal is not to be missed!!!

Added : 30/05/2024 Reviewer : Tristan
FANTASIA Available Today

I was interested by her reviews which speak of her sensuality. This was the thing that made me choose her. I was not disappointed and Fantasia’s pursuit of physical pleasure was all I had hoped it would be. My entire body was alive and tingling under her fingers. Recommended

Added : 30/05/2024 Reviewer : Robert
MIA Available Today

Positive vibes from the moment she arrived. Smiles, kisses and cuddles before we moved to somewhere more comfortable and things got very hot indeed. 10/10 and thanx babe!

Added : 30/05/2024 Reviewer : Hayden
EMILY Available Today

Emilywas wonderful. This was my first datewith her and I requested role play which was excellent. Emily you were the nurse of my dreams and as the patient my seduction of youwas complete. I am feeling much better now nurse! Thank you!

Added : 30/05/2024 Reviewer : Sam
ABBIE Available Today

Abbie absolutely made my day. Made my week!In fact, call that a month!!The service was amazing! I will without doubt be booking Abbie again and for much, much longer!

Added : 30/05/2024 Reviewer : Cal
HOLLY Available Today

When I looked at the girl I had booked in the flesh and with a body like hers, I knew I was the luckiest man in Manchester. Once we started getting to know each other I had to revise that opinion, I was the luckiest guy in the world!!! She gave me the most fulfilling GFE date that anyone could have asked for. 10/10 doesn’t even do her justice. There are other girls with great review ratings, but she is unique!!

Added : 30/05/2024 Reviewer : Rich
JAMALA Available Today

I bought a new toy that Jamala had expressed an interest in the last time that we met, that was a real success and we had a lot of fun with that! It was great meeting a girl like Jamala who sees pleasure as coming in many forms and is ready to embrace them!

Added : 30/05/2024 Reviewer : Stu
JAMIE Available Today

Jamie Lee is up for a challenge and was happy to try different things while we were together. She used her body in multiple positionsand her flexibility was exciting. A profound experience with a well experienced escort! 5*

Added : 30/05/2024 Reviewer : Eddie
LAYLA Available Today

In a word, Layla is perfect!I loved getting full eye contact which made it feel that we were fully engaged and connected. She is a delightful companion in every way, she is intelligent and she is a real professional. It was a special treat for myself and Layla made the ideal partner!

Added : 30/05/2024 Reviewer : Nolan
MARIAH Available Today

Too hot to handle for some if you are looking for a gentle, loving and tender GFE, but I can say that if you are wanting it with uninhibited passion and energy, then I found Mariah packed a sensual punch that made me gasp with pleasure and desire. She was unstoppable and crazy with desire. What could she have ever been except a top escort with passion to the core like her??!!

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Adam
ALICE Available Today

Alice is charming, the elite kind of escort that you can spend time alone with, but also take out for a stroll around the bars and clubs in the city. Classy dresser so she looks good, but also a fantastic companion for your one to one time. Highly recommended for this kind of date. I loved every minute with this bright, sexy lady!

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Michael
LAURA Available Today

Sexy episodes with Laura in the future are on my Things To Do List!! Because after our evening together I know that she will be on my regular list. 10/10 on all important aspects!!!!

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Josh
BRITTANY Available Today

Brittany made me happier than any woman has in the recent past, undemanding, casual time where I could just enjoy the moment! Thank you my sweet! 5*

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Mattie
JESS Available Today

I haven’t found a review on here from a woman and as I spent a couple of hours with Jess last night that were sublime, I thought I should let all you other girls who love f / f know that this fabulous escort is exactly what we need!

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Sara
KEIRA Available Today

Kiera was recommended by the receptionist when I called and it was a good referral. Kiera was exactly what I had in mind, interested in my kind of services and happy to oblige. Many thanks to agency and the lovely lady herself.

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Dan
VIKI Available Today

Proof of the quality of this escort can only be believed when you experience it yourself. I spent time with Viki last week and immediately booked her again for last night, so this is a double review. All I need to say is that she is a rising star on the escort scene and she is sensational!

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Andy
TAYLOR Available Today

Good time with Taylor, I certainly felt that my money was well spent as she gave me all of her attention, left the phone in her handbag and concentrated on me. 10/10 and recommended.

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Tyler
EVA Available Today

The OWO was so good I wondered if I would get any further!!! But she knows what she is doing and we moved on to a full service that was first class!

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Chris
LYDIA Available Today

Lydia is a believer in actions speaking louder than words, she doesn’t speak a lot partly because she is doing other important things with those lips and her tongue!! Everything to recommend her!!!

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Ash
NICKI Available Today

She loves these sessions as much as I do I think! I have seen her 3 times in the past month and I love making her moan! This is a two way experience with her and it makes it very special. I am seeing her again in 10 days time and I can’t wait.

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Joey
ROXY Available Today

Outcall date at my apartment in Salford, she blew away the cobwebs in my love life that’s for sure. Note to self : I must do more of this!!!!!! Thank you so much sexy, Roxy you are extra special!!!

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Jonathan
KARLIE Available Today

Perfect girl for a bit of fun. I have a straight laced sort of job, so I like to let down my reserves every now and then and Karlie was right up for it. Wet and wild? And then some!!! Crazy for it and she loves to watch when you get to the end, her eyes are on you and the smile widens as she sees your satisfaction. She is a wild child!!!

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Anon
ALBA Available Today

Alba and Bailey, it sounds like a cocktail in a posh bar now I write it down. But these two were the headiest cocktail you could ever concoct!!! Duo with these two was mind blowing, they are voracious!!!!!!!

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Zac
MACKENZIE Available Today

Here is a girl that knows what she is doing and on Tuesday that was giving me the ride of my life!!!! Recommended if you are up for the hottest girl in the city! 10/10

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Austin
FRANKIE Available Today

I tried to count the ways that Frankie gave me pleasure and I got lost in the whole thing! She is dynamic and highly driven when it comes to s**. I can believe that she is immensely popular with action like this there for the taking and I loved it all, even if I can’t quite remember it exactly. A sort of sensual overload!!!!!

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Tony
SKY Available Today

Ask Sky if she is up for a party and the girl is on it!!! That was a night that was made for more and more fun and sexy experiences that I knew could ever be ahead of me in one night. 5* to the ultimate party girl!

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Blane
NYLA Available Today

Time with Mya is like being in a sensual whirlwind. She is so tactile, the DF kissing was immensely deep, and her hands flitted across my body, seeking reactions as she found those extra sensitive areas that bring you to attention! When it came to the s** then she was so passionate, her energy turned it  into the deepest, most sensual experience that I had ever had with a woman.

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Rob
RENEE Available Today

Believe me! I can recommend Renee to anyone who wants a girl who is flexible to how things evolve when two consenting adults get together. She was relaxed, sensitive and took on requests as things developed between us.

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Willie
SABINA Available Today

WOW!!! She was amazing! I intend to come back to her again and again!

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Muhammad
MORGAN Available Today

Made every effort to please me, asking what I wanted, very passionate and treated me like an individual. She was good fun because she didn’t take herself too seriously, letting her cheeky, mischievous side show, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Ryan
AALIYAH Available Today

Super sexy and knows her stuff. When you read reviews they sometimes seem too good to be true. I have seen a few girls from this Manchester agency, but Aaliyah gets my vote for one that lives up to expectations and then goes beyond! Best for me by a country mile.

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Kyle
JORDON Available Today

If you are looking for a good GFE then I can recommend Jordan, she is an instant hard-oncos shes looking great and ready to party anytime.

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Razi
SARAH Available Today

Perfect body for my personal preferences, I loved her soft skin and great natural boobs. Sarah you are my kind of girl!

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Cody
BECKY Available Today

Never seen someone as good as her! Reckon I’ve been booking at the wrong agency up til now. Thanx Becky and Shush for the intro!

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Jordan
PENELOPE Available Today

The word on the underground is that Penny is as hot or even hotter than advertised on this site. I guess it is something that she has grown into, or that side of her has developed over time. Well if she is this hot now and I can tell you she is after Saturday night from personal experience, then I want to see her again in 6 months time LOL!!! Because by then she will be a pure FIREBALL! Last Saturday? XXX RATED of course!!

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Kev
CHANEL Available Today

I had an exceptional evening with Chanel recently. We cruised a few bars near my hotel for a while then back to my room where the interaction was intense. Chanel is as intelligent as be is beautiful and classy. I can highly recommend!

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Aidan
Available Today

I had an exceptional evening with Chanel recently. We cruised a few bars near my hotel for a while then back to my room where the interaction was intense. Chanel is as intelligent as be is beautiful and classy. I can highly recommend!

Added : Reviewer :
Veronica Available Today

Cute girl, amazing body and services that should have taken the roof off my house!!!

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Eric
IVORY Available Today

Top services, all with her spicy personal style of delivery!!! That was an exciting evening where I felt like a king by the ways that she treated me, whispering into my ear about how she was enjoying it too and giving me a truly personalised service. Excellent!!!!

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Zander
AMINA Available Today

More that 20 years seeing escorts and then I met Amina! Met some fantastic girls along the way, but this sweet girl has made a lasting impression on me, I will be seeing her again as soon as I can! Highly recommended!

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Stephen
AMBER Available Today

Amber was more than I expected, intimacy that felt actually intimate, she had a great attitude that seems to care about my satisfaction and the pleasure along the way.

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Nathan
DINNA Available Today

Had a bit of a dry spell on the regular girlfriend level, so thought I would book an escort. The agency said Dinna was available and I took a punt. The best girl this year, escort or regular girl – casual or relationship, really top lass, sweet, kind, everything I wanted!!! Better looking thanthe pictures BTW.

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Cameron
ANNABELL Available Today

I enjoyed talking, laughing and cuddling with Annabell into the small hours. Not that this was all that we did of course. Her GFE is just that a real girlfriend experience, and the physical mixed in perfectly with the sense of easy company that I got.

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Jason
LACEY Available Today

Lacey arrived at mine in St Helens on time. Stunningly dressed  and looked fantastic. She is veryprofessional and easy to get on with. She was good company and gave great service. Can’t get any better than that!!

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Pat
MONIKA Available Today

Monika clearly looks after her body which is totally mint! One of the best outcall escorts I have had

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Davey
ANGELINA Available Today

Very tasty, very sexy, Angelina is easy to chat to, talk about what you would like to do and then like I said – VERY SEXY when it comes down to business

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Howard
HINA Available Today

Meeting Hina was an unforgettable experience for me. I was fresh in from the States and booking into a central Manchester hotel. She looked sensational but classy and we soon got down to getting to know each other. I’m unsure about how reviews go in the UK but I can say that this escort guarantees a remarkable and discreet experience.

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Baron
KIRSTY Available Today

So many outstanding reviews about the qualities of Kirsty – primarily that she is HOT! And yes I can confirm that she is well hot and easy with it!

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Jared
KIM Available Today

Twice as enjoyable as I had dared hope. Sweet girl and a terrific experience. She put me at ease and ensured I got the full service plus extras that I was looking for.

Added : 31/05/2024 Reviewer : Mark
RUBY Available Today

I was pretty tensed up after a long drive and so Ruby gave me a massage to help me relax, It worked in more ways than one! That and her other skills made for an unmissable 3 hours. 10/10

Added : 31/05/2024 Reviewer : Jeremy
CHRISTINA Available Today

Thank you Christina for a few hours that were outstanding. You are a beautiful girl and it was my privilege to be with you. Recommended to all you chaps who like a genuine and high quality escort here in Manchester, Don’t miss any opportunity to meet up with Christina!

Added : 31/05/2024 Reviewer : Elliott
BAILLEY Available Today

A top performance from an experienced escort. Bailley has got all the talents and she ensured that she used them to good effect and made sure I was fully satisfied. Good fun with a lovely young escort!

Added : 31/05/2024 Reviewer : Geoff
ANDREAA Available Today

Her services are far from vanilla or robotic, she is committed to giving a good time. There is definitely a very naughty side to Andreaa and she is happy with suggestions as things are going along. 5*

Added : 31/05/2024 Reviewer : Logan
AMANDA Available Today

This babe is on fire!!! No disappointment with the pics, she looks just as hot. Great body, fit, services pleased me 100%.

Added : 31/05/2024 Reviewer : Dion
PHOEBE Available Today

Phoebe was the very BEST!!!! She looked so tasty and smelled divine, soft hair and well manicured nails. I do like a well presented escort, she was flawless. So friendly and then she provided the best pleasures one after another, that I could ever have imagined. 10/10

Added : 31/05/2024 Reviewer : Noah
REBECCA Available Today

Spent the first 15 minutes getting to know each other and then the rest of the 2 hours putting our discoveries into place!!! Thank you for an exceptional evening Rebecca!!! Recommended

Added : 31/05/2024 Reviewer : Carl
VENUS Available Today

This escort is a sexy vixen, she is precocious and is sheer magic with her tongue. Venus is up for all kinds of naughtiness and offered me to check out her toys as well to see it there was anything I wanted to play with. Overall one of the most exciting escort encounters I have had!!!!!

Added : 31/05/2024 Reviewer : Malik
SASHA Available Today

Started with a luscious DFK on arrival and I was thrilled to find that Sasha was wearing the outfit I had requested. I offered her a glass of wine while we sorted out the usual payment formalities. We made our way to the bedroom, where her GFE just rocked every sense!!! Enthusiastic with great personal energy. A 5* experience for me and I would love to see her again.

Added : 31/05/2024 Reviewer : Nat
ROSE Available Today

When next I amin Manchester or indeed the Northwest I am calling up to see if Rosa is available, as this lovely girl is a keeper! I only wish I lived near enough to make her a regular booking. Great full service and Rose is a delightful person in herself. So an A1 date!!! Recommended!

Added : 31/05/2024 Reviewer : Garrett
Candice Available Today

The luck of the Irish! I was in Manchester for 2 days and called to book an escort, it turned out to Candice. She was incredible and she told me afterwards that she was new this week to the agency. I can tell you if she is inexperienced (really ?) then I want to see her when she is more experienced!!! LOL Because if that is inexperience then give me more of it!!!! Shre is naturally gifted, natural boobs and naturally an automatic 5*

Added : 31/05/2024 Reviewer : Shaun
Alexa Available Today

Too hot to miss! Outcall to Worsley and I didn’t want her to ever leave. She looked way out of my league and I think I must have looked awe struck!!! I hadn’t even seen her photos, just asked for who was available at short notice, so when she walked through the door I was blown away! Full service with one of the most beautiful girls in Manchester, who could ask for more!!! 5*

Added : 31/05/2024 Reviewer : Max
LILY Available Today

One of the most exhilarating visits I have had from an escort in a long while. 5* for fun, 5* for attitude and 5* for looks and physique. That was a date to look back on and re-live! I can recommend and hope that if I get Manchester way again I can see Lily again myself.

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : David
TASHA Available Today

There are some amazing escorts in Manchester and most of them that I have seen have been from Shush. But there are Manchester escorts and then there is Tasha!!! Babe you were and I believe always will be in a class of your own. A star in the Manchester sky!!!!!

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Tom
ROBYN Available Today

No holds barred passion with a desire to please, Robyn is a quality escort who actually puts her client’s wishes at the top of her agenda. Robyn I spent just two hours with you, but you left a lasting impression and took a small piece of my heart!

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Colin
CLAIRE Available Today

This escort is full of nice surprises one of them is that she has a very fiery and intense side when it’s time to get intimate. Quite a little firecracker!!!

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Phil
BELLE Available Today

I asked for Belle to wear stilettos, they do it for me, I like my escorts to keep the stilettos on all the time. They have such impact when girls are otherwise naked. Belle went one further, black stockings, no suspenders needed. I allowed her to keep them on. They were a nice addition.

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : The Punterman
ANETTE Available Today

Very good at what she does and her skill levels are all I hoped they would be. Here’s to another night when we can meet up again sexy!! Loved it all Anette! 10.10 and recommended of course!

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Faizan
BARBIE Available Today

Barbie caught my attention as I was looking at the escort galleries, but as hot as those photos are they are lacking the vitality and the sheer love of life and escorting that she brought to our appointment. You have to see her in the flesh to appreciate her and like me, I reckon you will be bowled over.

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Benny
ANTONIA Available Today

A girl who had the experience to keep me satisfied and more! Antonia is a diva!!!!!

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Jaz
TIFFANY Available Today

Tif is a temptress and a tease. OMG when she comes good on all that she has been promising it is fireworks!!!

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Gabe
LARA Available Today

I thought the weather was rubbish in Manchester and was hardly surprised when Lara arrived in a light coat. But she walked in, then she just stood there, dropped off the coat and all she was wearing was her white lace lingerie. Now that is the way to impress!!!! From beginning to end that girl was a super star!

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Collin
RILEY Available Today

I usually don’t see the same girl twice, but I would make an exception for Riley, she had a lot more to offer I know and I intend to find out!

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Gary
MEGAN Available Today

A delectable body and perfectly proportioned. She was exactly my type. Sweet and petite with deep undercurrents of sensuality. Her long hair was a real turn on, she used it to theatrical effect as it was tied up when she first arrived, a little while in and she reached up and unclipped it, it cascaded down her back and across her breasts. It was like a signal that she was ready to get even more up close and personal. I didn’t need to be asked twice!

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Mally
BELLA Available Today

Thoughts about Bella kept going around in my mind and how much fun we had enjoyed together. I felt when I left my last review that I would probably want to see her again, that became a certainty. A classy escort with some extraordinary skills and an open mind to finding out what made her client tick and then focussing on that. She was well worth my second visit. 10/10 Many thanks!

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Ray
LEONA Available Today

We simply relaxed to start with, laying on the bed and gentle caressing of each other, chatting and exploring. When it came to it the intimacy it was intensely satisfying. Once in a while I meet someone that I know I will never forget. That was you Leona X

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Guy
ANNABELL Available Today

A gentleman never tells I believe, so if you want to know exactly how much fun she is then you will have to book her yourself LOL! Suffice to say she was incredible, beautiful to look at and a beautiful soul. That was a time I will remember with nothing but pleasure.

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Shaun
BROOKE Available Today

Best 2 hours with an escort this year! Very raunchy, XXX Rated in my estimation. 5*

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Kenny
TINA Available Today

So attentive! Tina is a must see for a full service GFE with optional extras. Thanks to Shush for their recommendation and arrangements. Recommended in both cases.

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Artie
SOPHIA Available Today

With a sexy body like Sophia’s it was guaranteed to be a great date! AS for the connection – that was really there with her, no glancing at the time, just a desire to please that is the goal of all we escort lovers. 5* to a lovely lady!

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Kieran
HONEY Available Today

Honey is a premium experience! Top tier escort services from a wonderfully sexy girl! I was looking for a full service GFE and Honet not only delivered on that 100%, but I felt confident that she was discreet also.

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Barry
ALIZAH Available Today

Oral skills are top-notch, a variety of positions, she really knew how to make me feel special, using my name so that I didn’t just feel like another punter. Things like that made it very personal.If like me you are constantly looking for an escort that makes the date feel unique, in other words you’re looking for an exceptional Manchester outcalls escort, then Alizah has my vote! Highly recommended

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Krish
NADIA Available Today

UNFORGETTABLE!!! Nadia you are the apple of my eye, a feast for a man who adored you from the moment we met. You were so generous in your attitude to a middle aged guy with just an hour to spare. What we shared in that hour exceeded all expectations on my part! Thank you! 10/10

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Abdulrahman
JADE Available Today

At last I have found a discreet, professional agency with quality escorts. Customer service when I booked was efficient and quick, Jade was available at the time I had available, and she was as good as her recommendation.  Thanks to the agency and a whole loads of thanks to the lovely Jade. Recommended

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Lee
LOUISE Available Today

If I can then another date will be booked asap with Louise! Her exclusive time and companionship held all the magic that I had been told I could expect from this legend in Manchester. (Personal recommendation from a colleague)Top escort and *****!!

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Ozzie
EMMA Available Today

Emma is an elite escort that ticks all the boxes. She is fantastic company as she actually has conversation and a broad knowledge of life, the universe and everything!!! Ha ha! She made me feel so relaxed in her company, all the tension I had been feeling just melted away with her touch. Experienced and yet very fresh, she is the escort to beat as the best!

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Roger
SHANTAY Available Today

What a GFE escort Shantay is!!!! Breathtaking skills especially OWO. She seemed to love it as much as I did and that was off the scale for me!!! Worth seeing my fellow punters!!!

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Usman
ASHLEY Available Today

Wished I could have spent the rest of the night with her. I will have to see her again when I am over this way again, although she did tell me she is also available in Leeds sometimes. Needs planning!

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Mike
CLAUDIA Available Today

Fantastic!!! Claudia came to my hotel and we spent 4 unbelievable hours exploring what we both enjoyed in a variety of ways! S** was very special with this beautiful girl I can recommend her in every way.

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Theo
Kenya Available Today

A date with Kenya didn’t offer any problems with either time or services. She is hot and passionate, her DFKs in particular are outstanding and there was not a couple but lots throughout our hours together. In fact she is very hot and talented in many ways. Just what I wanted!

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Harvey
ABBA Available Today

Nice to get to meet an escort with the same viewpoint as myself when it came to services. She wore a dom-type set of lingerie and I provided the masks etc. I know that most of her escort dates are of a more general kind, but I thought it was good for other clients like myself who have alternative preferences, to know that Abba is a very willing participant.

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Reece
MACKENZIE Available Today

It seems that MacKenzie is a great escort by her past reviews and so I was expecting the best  from our couple of hours togetherand I GOT IT!!!! Very responsive to my wishes, full of enthusiasm. So I had to ring the agency, extend for another hour and get a later train. Great idea and the best decision I could have made. Thank you for an evening I hope to never forget!!! 10/10

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Gordon
RILEY Available Today

Cute, and proper naughty as advertised!! And extremely passionate. Proper party escort and does she know how to have a good time!!!! Riley is a girl that doesn’t know how to say noso the service was great, she was enjoyable to have around and lots of talking dirty.

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Jack
FANTASIA Available Today

I’ve been unlucky booking Fantasia in the past because let’s be frank, she is obviously very popular! No disrespect to the girls I have seen in before but this goddess has set the bar pretty high and is currently holding the top spot on my Must See Again list!!Beautiful, sweet and affectionate in all the sexiest of ways. Highly recommended

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Andrew
KIM Available Today

Just lie back and let Kim do whatever she wants with you, she is so experienced that I succumbed to her and let her have her naughty way with me!!! I loved every minute and I shall without question be looking to book her again! Watch out babe, I have plans for next time!

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Allen
YASMIN Available Today

One of the best or maybe even the best I’ve met from Shush. The service with her was a 5* all the way, service with a smile too and lots of noise so I must have been hitting the spot for her as well. Overall the performance was outstanding!

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Geraint
KARLIE Available Today

Proper good body. Great deep throat. Karlie is all a top escort should be. I’d recommend.

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Mobeen
ANDREAA Available Today

This girl literally smoulders!!! Her pictures in no way do her any favours, maybe they are to maintain her privacy, but she is so much better than that. As she let her dress slip to the floor it only made me gasp out loud! Because her firm body looked soincredibly sexy. Looks a definite 10. Services 10/10 too!!

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Russell
EMMA Available Today

Two hours of Emma and it was great!I loved her eye contact throughout, suggesting things from time to time so I felt she was emotionally engaged as well as physically! Once we really got down to the hard core stuff she wanted it harder and faster and was egging me on towards whatwe both wanted. 5* PLUS!!!!

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Daryl
RUBY Available Today

When you want a proper session, then I say Ruby did it for me. Very willing, hot, experienced. Well good!

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Hussein
JAMIE Available Today

What can I say apart from a 10/10 like all the other guys said???? Because what you get from all these comments in her reviews is that she isn’t temperamental, she is just consistently a perfect 10!!

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Mick
IVORY Available Today

My 9th booking with Shush, so a pretty regular client I guess. Ivory made sure that I was comfortable and fully satisfied. Could be one of the best here. PS. Better than her photos,that is to say stunning!!!! Recommended

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Davie
CHRISTINA Available Today

Christina was a feast for my eyes and then my body, because she isso pretty and outrageously hot! Lots of good looking girls to choose from on this site, but she is to die for!!! There was a strategicallyplaced mirror in my hotel room (cheeky)and the view was just too good to be true!!!!

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Cameron
LILY Available Today

A girl who was very much to my tastes! Lily was very compliant and didn’t turn down any of my pre-arranged requests and even agreed to an extra service I had not asked for before. If time had been on my side I could easily have gone another round with her. 5*

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Callum
KATE Available Today

Kate spent the evening with me and it was a delightful experience to be with a quality companion who was a charming dinner date, looked the part of an elegant partner, and then was available to return with me to my apartment for a passionate exchange where there was no rush, only TLC. Thank you Kate for an exceptional time with you!

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Kevin
TIFFANY Available Today

Pure adrenalins**, I was flying!!! I can recall few times in my life when I have experienced satisfaction to these levels. Tiffany is raunchy, uninhibited and easy to be with, so she made me less reserved and we both went for it hell for leather!! There has to be more that 5*s for this girl!!!!!!

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Graeme
ALICE Available Today

I love this agency! For the past two years since I first found them I have met some fantastic escorts and Alice is keeping up the reputation of the whole team!! Alice this is your review, so let me concentrate on you! She was one special lady who took on my requests with enthusiasm and consummate skill. She is a professional and yet makes it all seem like there is just you and her in the most normal way, two people who found they clicked and took things to their natural conclusion. That was something out of the ordinary and a million thanks Alice!

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Jerry
AMANDA Available Today

Amanda is simply beautiful, and needless to say that got me going even more because she is looked way out of my league I have to admit!!! She really is a head turner. But she is so well grounded, no attitude except for her desire to please and that she really did to the 10th degree!! I can only say that she is a girl that is highly recommended to all you guys!

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Ryan
KELLY Available Today

Kelly and I hit it off straight away, she is great fun, giggles, dirty talk, lots of kissing. Her GFE was the best. That was until we came to round 2 later in the evening and that was even better!!! 5*

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Iain
PHOEBE Available Today

Phoebe came to meet me in Nantwich on an outcall and she was everything I had hoped for. She looked gorgeous and smelled of the most sensual perfume. That was a clue to her own sensuality which was soon obvious. My experience that evening was as good as her earlier reviews had promised. Except I was enjoying her myself!!! I can say that she is a lovely girl inside and out and her services are truly exceptional! Highly recommended

Added : 29/05/2024 Reviewer : Mattie
LOUISE Available Today

Total respect to a girl that actually was as hot as she looked! Well good

Added : 03/02/2024 Reviewer : Ade
EMMA Available Today

Emma did everything that made my experience last night one that I will be thinking over for a long time, until I can get back to Manchester and book Emma again.

Added : 05/02/2024 Reviewer : Sandy
SHANTAY Available Today

Genuinely responsive. Top date 5* and recommended

Added : 04/02/2024 Reviewer : Terry
Kenya Available Today

Stunning with the wicked twinkle in her eyes, and a body that follows through on that promise!! GFE was exceptional.

Added : 02/02/2024 Reviewer : Baz
ABBA Available Today

What a body and does she know how to use it!!!!????? 10/10

Added : 31/01/2024 Reviewer : Richard
MACKENZIE Available Today

Don’t miss out on Mackenzie, I can recommend to all as she is pretty, incredible body and proper no rush that made it feel not like a service but more like a date.

Added : 29/01/2024 Reviewer : Farley
RILEY Available Today

Crackin body, sexy girl I would see again.

Added : 25/01/2024 Reviewer : Bashir
FANTASIA Available Today

Dressed as requested for my particular fantasy with stockings and suspenders, because they do it for me every time! She looked so tasty and her name fitted in with the whole thing!

Added : 27/01/2024 Reviewer : Harry
KIM Available Today

Recommended for full service and good for a few extras

Added : 28/01/2024 Reviewer : Abdulrahman
YASMIN Available Today

Good looking girl with a s** drive that takes no prisoners. She is full-on, dirty, and left me fully satisfied

Added : 20/01/2024 Reviewer : Mac
KARLIE Available Today

Superb body and a highly sensual and responsive escort. Highly recommended.

Added : 21/01/2024 Reviewer : Rakeem
ANDREAA Available Today

SATISFACTION!!!!! She had me seeing stars!!! in fact it was more like fireworks on New Years Eve!!!! AMAZING!!!

Added : 26/01/2024 Reviewer : Mark
EMMA Available Today

When I am in Manchester I check out that Emma is available, if so I know I am in for a perfect escort experience, thank you for another memorable night Emma and see you next time. XX

Added : 07/01/2024 Reviewer : Archie
RUBY Available Today

Ruby could easily become a regular indulgence for me and a treat that I shall look towards taking again in the near future! 5*

Added : 05/01/2024 Reviewer : Angus
JAMIE Available Today

Here I am again in Manchester and I was ready to meet another Shush babe because I always have a great time with these agency escorts. Jamie Lee was the one last night and she turned out to be as good or better than expected. Thanks babe!

Added : 01/01/2024 Reviewer : D. C.
CHRISTINA Available Today

If time stood still I would be there with her. I WISH I WAS!!!!

Added : 05/01/2024 Reviewer : Oliver
IVORY Available Today

100% sexy, a goddess in my eyes. 5* and recommended

Added : 03/01/2024 Reviewer : James
LILY Available Today

Thanks to the agency for the intro to Lily – she is a star and I loved her!!!

Added : 06/01/2024 Reviewer : Jeff
KATE Available Today

A proper elite escort, she is beautiful and we enjoyed a GFE of epic proportions!!!!

Added : 13/01/2024 Reviewer : Saul
TIFFANY Available Today

I’ve lost count of the escorts I’ve seen, but Tiffany is one of the best! Highly recommended

Added : 09/01/2024 Reviewer : Colin
ALICE Available Today

She deserves to be classified in the XXX Rated class, she is highly sensual and gave a blast of a PSE service!!!!!!! Unbelievable

Added : 07/01/2024 Reviewer : Vinny
AMANDA Available Today

I will come back for more and for longer! Amanda is a real treat!!!

Added : 05/01/2024 Reviewer : Cooper
KELLY Available Today

True to her pics, profile, and the reputation for 5* reviews that she has – thanks to the agency for the recommendation.

Added : 01/01/2024 Reviewer : Reg
PHOEBE Available Today

That was a total 5* explosion, no wonder they label Phoebe as a bombshell!!!!. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Added : 05/01/2024 Reviewer : Darren
LOUISE Available Today

You have to believe that there are girls like this out there! She was everything I wanted in an escort! 5*

Added : 07/12/2023 Reviewer : Declan
EMMA Available Today

one very friendly little lady!!! That was a blast babe!!!

Added : 13/12/2023 Reviewer : Rufus
SHANTAY Available Today

A girl who takes her time to make sure you are completely happy – 10/10

Added : 10/12/2023 Reviewer : Marc
Kenya Available Today

young, hot and very eager, great interaction

Added : 08/12/2023 Reviewer : Oscar
ABBA Available Today

What a Christmas present. OK so I gave it to myself, but no one deserved it more than me!!

Added : 06/12/2023 Reviewer : Harry
LILY Available Today

Beautiful in every way! Now way can I give her just 5* she is worth twice that at least!

Added : 03/12/2023 Reviewer : Sam
TASHA Available Today

I never expected to meet such a high class escort at such rates. Shows me that I was wrong, great price and even greater escort!!!

Added : 05/12/2023 Reviewer : Melly
ROBYN Available Today

What’s not to want with a babe like Robyn, well sexy

Added : 07/12/2023 Reviewer : Suli
CLAIRE Available Today

Everything I wanted and then some!

Added : 05/12/2023 Reviewer : Gavin
BELLE Available Today

Real fun, she is up for a number of things

Added : 02/12/2023 Reviewer : Ryan
ANETTE Available Today

I like to explore different things and role play is high on my list. Not all escorts take it on and commit to their part, but Anette was up for it, I brought her the uniform and the rest just went accordingly! 10/10

Added : 05/12/2023 Reviewer : Rupert
BARBIE Available Today

Barbie was a full on experience

Added : 03/12/2023 Reviewer : Rahal
ANTONIA Available Today

Yep she is highly sensual, I just let her have her way with me. Thanks for the recommendation from the other reviewers!

Added : 06/12/2023 Reviewer : Tan
TIFFANY Available Today

Called and asked for an escort near me, simple to book and she was with me in 15 minutes. Thanks to the agency for introducing me to Tiffany!

Added : 04/12/2023 Reviewer : Martin
ALIZAH Available Today

Had to find out what gets Alizah these reviews and I am her latest fan

Added : 12/04/2023 Reviewer : info@shushescorts.co.uk
MEGAN Available Today

Intuitive, sensitive, one of the best.

Added : 02/12/2022 Reviewer : Roger
AISHA Available Today

She left no part of me unloved!!!!!! Such a tactile experience she is sensuality on two lovely legs!!!

Added : 29/11/2023 Reviewer : Clive
BELLA Available Today

If you want a GFE with extras then ask for Bella

Added : 30/11/2023 Reviewer : Max
LEONA Available Today

The kind of escort services I would recommend to all guys who will respect this s** goddess

Added : 29/11/2023 Reviewer : Headley
ANABELLE Available Today

One girl that can be relied on to give it 100%

Added : 02/12/2023 Reviewer : Travis
BROOKE Available Today

Stunning and very sexy – 5*

Added : 28/11/2023 Reviewer : Ethan
SOPHIA Available Today

5* and looking forward to a repeat booking!

Added : 30/11/2023 Reviewer : Olly
HONEY Available Today

OMG a 10/10 for sure

Added : 28/11/2023 Reviewer : Charles
JADE Available Today

Stunning inside and out, this girl is sexy, fabulous to be with and a real 5*

Added : 26/11/2023 Reviewer : Morris
LOUISE Available Today

Staying in Manchester on a UK trip and Louise make my trip complete. Wow!!!!

Added : 23/11/2023 Reviewer : Olu
EMMA Available Today

Emma wish I could give you more stars babe. You deserve every one and much more. Thanks for a great night

Added : 22/11/2023 Reviewer : Grant
SHANTAY Available Today

Sacrifice anything to spend time with Shantay she is worth it. Recommended

Added : 24/11/2023 Reviewer : Desmond
Kenya Available Today


Added : 25/11/2023 Reviewer : Murray
ABBA Available Today

Everything I wanted wrapped up in this girl

Added : 25/11/2023 Reviewer : Gus
MACKENZIE Available Today

Met for a couple of hours, which just slipped by with so much she wanted to share. A definite repeat needed

Added : 20/11/2023 Reviewer : Kye
RILEY Available Today

Ask for her body to body massage, it is unbearably exciting, set me up for what came next

Added : 19/11/2023 Reviewer : Connor
FANTASIA Available Today

Looked like her photos and surpassed my expectations on performance, 10/10

Added : 20/11/2023 Reviewer : Mike
KIM Available Today

Reliable agency which has the best girls in Manchester

Added : 17/11/2023 Reviewer : Anthony
YASMIN Available Today

I couldn’t keep my hands off her as soon as she came through my door. Irresistible!

Added : 19/11/2023 Reviewer : Craig
KARLIE Available Today

What a mover! I have seldom experienced a woman like ……………. Fluid, passionate and very athletic

Added : 20/11/2023 Reviewer : Kelvin
ANDREAA Available Today

Great girl for a couples date. I booked for myself and my wife and we both thoroughly enjoyed her company

Added : 19/11/2023 Reviewer : The Smiths
EMMA Available Today

Real sweetie, would see again

Added : 19/11/2023 Reviewer : Addy
RUBY Available Today

A total WOW!! Classic GFE date with style

Added : 17/11/2023 Reviewer : Rudi
JAMIE Available Today

If I could be in Manchester more often I would, escorts like this are hard to find down south

Added : 20/11/2023 Reviewer : Randall
CHRISTINA Available Today

Can’t recommend her more, attitude and abilities great, making for 100% satisfaction for me

Added : 18/11/2023 Reviewer : Bobby
IVORY Available Today

Oral was a sensation, a tongue that performs some tricks and lips soft but firm

Added : 18/11/2023 Reviewer : Mr B
LILY Available Today

Hot body and eager to show what she could do with it. It was my pleasure!!

Added : 19/11/2023 Reviewer : Eddie
KATE Available Today

Called, easy to book, special requests agreed, and the date delivered on all fronts

Added : 20/11/2023 Reviewer : Henry
TIFFANY Available Today

Very, very special! 5*

Added : 19/11/2023 Reviewer : Albie
ALICE Available Today

10/10 for my favourite escort, see you again babe this is becoming a very nice habit

Added : 21/11/2023 Reviewer : Tony
AMANDA Available Today

Two of the best girls on the site together!!!!! Greedy? YES I AM!!! Thanks Amanda and Phoebe for a memorable evening

Added : 19/11/2023 Reviewer : Delroy
KELLY Available Today

Top agency, the girls never fail to please and tonight was one of the best

Added : 19/11/2023 Reviewer : Ricardo
PHOEBE Available Today

Met this girl tonight and bro – is she hot!

Added : 19/11/2023 Reviewer : Umar
ANETTE Available Today

Exceeded all my expectations because Anette is a sexy super star!

Added : 06/11/2023 Reviewer : Adam
BARBIE Available Today

Are there words???? 10/10!

Added : 06/11/2023 Reviewer : Harry
ANTONIA Available Today

Charming, sweet and professional, She made me feel so comfortable in her presence, the time slipped by in the best possible way. I will certainly book Antonia again after last night. Recommended.

Added : 06/11/2023 Reviewer : Kas
LARA Available Today

That was a REAL GFE! Thank you Lara, you were the business. 5*

Added : 05/11/2023 Reviewer : Stewart
RILEY Available Today

Worth your time, that’s my recommendation.

Added : 05/11/2023 Reviewer : Abdullah
MEGAN Available Today

Can this girl party!!!!! She was up for different things and she looked as if she was enjoying it all as much as I was.

Added : 05/11/2023 Reviewer : Mark
AISHA Available Today

WOW! One of the agency’s stars I think!

Added : 05/11/2023 Reviewer : Rhys
BELLA Available Today

Great service, great figure, great attitude. Made for a 5* evening together. 

Added : 04/11/2023 Reviewer : Mac
LEONA Available Today

Services excellent, Leona knows what she is doing when it comes to sharing pleasure

Added : 04/11/2023 Reviewer : Guy
ANABELLE Available Today

As we slowly undressed each other I knew that I had made the right choice, She was as good as she looked.

Added : 03/11/2023 Reviewer : Mathew
BROOKE Available Today

Too good not to try out

Added : 03/11/2023 Reviewer : Abbas
TINA Available Today

Just my type! Her body was perfect and her sensuality is limitless. Recommended

Added : 03/11/2023 Reviewer : T.C
SOPHIA Available Today

My regular escort was not available and the agency recommended Sophia, she was an inspiration. As they say a change is as good as a rest! And a change is what dating escorts is all about after all! 5*

Added : 02/11/2023 Reviewer : Malcolm
HONEY Available Today

Booked Honey for a home call and I had the jacuzzi warm and ready, we played there for a while, then when off to concentrate on a range of positions on the super king. She is outstanding.

Added : 02/11/2023 Reviewer : Conard
ALIZAH Available Today

My GFE date started with one of the best body to body massage, unbelievable what Alizah can do with her body!!! Don’t miss out on this one if you get the chance to see her.

Added : 01/11/2023 Reviewer : Liam
NADIA Available Today

Proper intense

Added : 01/11/2023 Reviewer : Omar
JADE Available Today

Gorgeous looking and as sexy as red hot lava!!! She literally vibrates with sensuality!

Added : 01/11/2023 Reviewer : Lee
LOUISE Available Today

A kiss that set the seal on how things quickly developed. She gave that opening kiss and everything that followed 100% .5*

Added : 01/11/2023 Reviewer : Mark
EMMA Available Today

Services as requested and she shares conversation and giggles as well as s**

Added : 01/11/2023 Reviewer : Simon
SHANTAY Available Today

Top girl, second time I seen her, she’s worth it

Added : 31/10/2023 Reviewer : Atif
ASHLEY Available Today

Awesome experience with Ashley, she has what it takes and is happy with her life, it makes all the difference to an escort date. Highly recommended. 5*

Added : 31/10/2023 Reviewer : David
ABBA Available Today

Photos might get you going, but when you see Abba for real, then prepare to be blown away. She is as good as she looks too!

Added : 30/10/2023 Reviewer : Lester
CLAUDIA Available Today

Thanks Claudia for a cracking couple of hours

Added : 30/10/2023 Reviewer : Aaron
Kenya Available Today

Top notch girl

Added : 30/10/2023 Reviewer : Bryn
MACKENZIE Available Today

Mac loves to please and by god does she know how to!!!

Added : 29/10/2023 Reviewer : Olly
RILEY Available Today

A night to remember, thank you Shush for finding a girl like Riley!

Added : 29/10/2023 Reviewer : Martin
FANTASIA Available Today

Best fun I have had for a while, she is animated, SEXY, eager to please. Ticked all the boxes

Added : 29/10/2023 Reviewer : William
KIM Available Today

Came back for a second round, Kim you is good

Added : 28/10/2023 Reviewer : Gulshan
YASMIN Available Today

Awesome! Babe you made me very happy. 5*

Added : 28/10/2023 Reviewer : Jake
KARLIE Available Today

Let the GOOD TIMES ROLL! Karlie delivers!

Added : 28/10/2023 Reviewer : Ronnie
ANDREAA Available Today

Ask for the PSE, it is out of this world!

Added : 28/10/2023 Reviewer : Steve
EMMA Available Today

Highly recommended, she listened to what I was asking for during our time together. She is responsive and always attentive.

Added : 27/10/2023 Reviewer : Kenny
RUBY Available Today

Ultimate GFE experience – 5* from me

Added : 27/10/2023 Reviewer : JT
JAMIE Available Today

Magical! I hope to see you again soon darling X

Added : 27/10/2023 Reviewer : Tom
CHRISTINA Available Today

First class OWO, everything she did was with genuine enthusiasm. Sexy to the bone.

Added : 26/10/2023 Reviewer : Charlie
IVORY Available Today

AMAZING TIME WITH IVORY – why have I never met her before?

Added : 26/10/2023 Reviewer : Haroon
LILY Available Today

I will be back, who wouldn’t want more time with a girl like this??!! 5*

Added : 26/10/2023 Reviewer : Norman
KATE Available Today

Good at what she does and with style! Kate you are as good as your reviews say!

Added : 25/10/2023 Reviewer : Pete
TIFFANY Available Today

Soft, sweet and sexy, a real romp, I can recommend her!

Added : 25/10/2023 Reviewer : Lewis
ALICE Available Today

All in all a lot of sexy fun – just what I needed!! Thanks Alice X

Added : 24/10/2023 Reviewer : Sam
AMANDA Available Today

A real beauty, brimming over with passion and not shy to take the initiative.

Added : 24/10/2023 Reviewer : McGuire
KELLY Available Today

Amazing performance by Kelly which made is an amazing experience! 5*

Added : 23/10/2023 Reviewer : Frank
PHOEBE Available Today

I have met a lot of escorts and few are as adorable as Phoebe! One of the best!!!

Added : 23/10/2023 Reviewer : Richie
FAYE Available Today

She’s talented , beautiful and sexy. She adapted to my rhythm and it felt as if we had known each other intimately before.

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GABRIELLA Available Today

As lovely as her name, I loved being with her and it felt so good.

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NATALIA Available Today

Super friendly, no rush, lots of fun

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BIANCA Available Today

Like her photos, down to earth, ready to party

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BREE Available Today

Hot body, built like I like em

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KATE Available Today

Kate on a plate! Heaven in a simple serving of feminine charm and sexiness. 10/10

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HANNAH Available Today

Just a quickie, all I had time for, but Hannah made it very rewarding indeed!!!

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TARA Available Today

Repeat booking and I’m still believing she is the best find in Manchester!

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JULIA Available Today

Here with business and this was a reward for a long day in the office. Rewards don’t come any better than Julia!

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NICOLE Available Today

Proper sorted me out!

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AMALIA Available Today

Top agency and top escort, got my vote babe

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JESSIE Available Today

Discovered that Jessie has a real XXX side to her, unleash the beast and enjoy!!!!! 

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KATIE Available Today

So I did!!!! And I could carry on repeating such a wonderful series of experienced for a while! Highly recommended

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ANNA Available Today

She walked in and brought a great atmosphere with her, she is confident in her skills, relaxed and easy to spend time with. 10/10

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ADELE Available Today

Easy to book, Adele arrived on time, I couldn’t imagine a better service with a high class escort.

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SARA Available Today

She is so lovely that a perfect 10 says it all

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SCARLET Available Today

Amazing services, a few extras to spice things up even more and that equalled satisfaction!

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CHRISTELLE Available Today

Christelle looks like she is enjoying herself, I know I was, especially that BJ

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CANDY Available Today

Candy is the best antidote for stress! She is full of laughs and love!!!

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MIKAYLA Available Today

100% recommended

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YASMIN Available Today

I see a lot of escorts and Yasmin is not in my Top 10, fantastic X

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LARISA Available Today

Agency recommendation, up to their usual high standard, I wouldn’t go anywhere else. 

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MICHELLE Available Today

Dressed to impress as I was taking her out to dinner and then back to my hotel. She looked superb and the whole evening was everything I wanted and more.

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JACKIE Available Today

Not in a rush, we chatted first and last, relaxed together and the romantic interlude was exquisite.

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DANIELLE Available Today

Looked angelic and then she unleashed her devilish side, what better way to spend an evening!?

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HENSSEY Available Today

Thank you Henssey for an unforgettable time. XXXX

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CINDY Available Today

Real bundle of sexy energy that deserves a real WOW!!!!!

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SUMMER Available Today

I will definitely book Summer again. One of the best around.

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DIANA Available Today

Experienced professional who knows how to bring her partner to ecstasy.

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LEANNE Available Today

Partied all night, we tried things I had only dreamed of before, she is spirited and open minded. 10/10

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SAPPHIRE Available Today

Firm body, tight, top services, a memory I shall keep close.

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VANESSA Available Today


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CRYSTALL Available Today

What a girl!!!!!! She was made for fun and she takes it all in her stride! 

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ANGEL Available Today

A real woman with such energy and desire. The softest lips!!!

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AFIAH Available Today

I know who I will look for next time I am here in Manchester, Afiah I couldn’t refuse another helping of your sexy attentions!!!!!

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ERICA Available Today

Passionate to the core. She takes some holding!!!!!

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Sexier than I had even thought she could be, 100% guaranteed HOT!

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CHLOE Available Today

Looked stunning when she arrived, clingy dress that showed her nipples where ready to meet me!

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Charming and sexy all rolled into one delectable package. Recommend to all!

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FANTASIA Available Today

A treat that was worth every penny.

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MIA Available Today

Saw her portfolio and had to meet her. Top experience with a sexy woman. 

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EMILY Available Today

Time just flew by with Emily, I called to extend by 1 hour, but I still wanted more. Will book again next week. Watch this space! 10/10

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ABBIE Available Today

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No recommendation is enough, Holly just has to be experienced!

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