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Why is a big breasted Shush escort so popular?


We know that men on the whole find busty escorts irresistible.

That’s a given, but why?

It’s a deep seated response and one that puts men, the busty girl he craves for, and the time that he can imagine having with her, into an unbreakable triangle.

A guy’s mind goes into overdrive when he thinks of how soft and giving they are, in his head he is already touching them, caressing them, burying his head in their pillowy excesses!

We know that quite simply – they are a massive turn on! 

Over and above his own response to her breasts, he knows that they are an area on her body that causes her intense pleasure too, and in fact drives up her desire for him.

Definitely a win/win situation!

One that so many of our clients want when they look for busty escorts amongst the escort agencies in Manchester.

When they find such busty escorts on our escort gallery, then of course they call and book a busty Shush escort straight away.

They know that her curvy body will make the escort service Manchester girls like her offer, all the hotter because of her full breasted body! 

Men have always been obsessed with boobs

It’s not a recent thing – look back at paintings as far as the images made by cave men, and boobs are there in full force!

That hourglass figure that the breasts versus the fullness of the hips makes, accentuated by the tightness of the waist, it’s a shape that begs for a man’s hands to appreciate the curves and he cannot resist tracing out the shapes.

The busty escorts at Shush come as naturally busty as nature intended, or one or two of them have enhanced breasts.

There are devoted followers of both, although those guys who like them the bigger the better, are most likely to find the Shush escorts with enhanced boobs can hold their attention!

Film, television and photography, every kind of media loves the busty girls, from Marilyn Monroe to Cardi B, their busty bodies are showing off the fullness, the depth of the cleavage and literally putting their boobs in prime position to draw the eyes of every man present! 

This Manchester escort agency is recruiting the busty girls you like

Because we know that busty escorts are so sought after by men, we try to list as many busty blonde escorts, brunettes escorts with big boobs, and as many variations as possible.

All escort agencies in Manchester are out recruiting busty Manchester escorts, but we hope we get the best!

So when you are ready to book your escort service in Manchester, then we should have just the escort type you are looking for, especially the busty escorts of course! Busty and beautiful, by default that is the Shush escort that men want.

Come on admit it – you look at a girl’s boobs before you look at her face!

It is all happening in the mind as well as in the body, and when all that serotonin is coursing between your brain and the respective parts of your body, no wonder the busty escort makes you feel so good from the moment you set eyes on her.

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that mediates satisfaction, happiness and optimism, and if busty Shush escorts do that for you, then we have done our best to please you and we are happy too!!!

We have all escort types!

By the way! We are just as proud of all of our other escorts, the tall, leggy escorts, model escorts, teen escorts who are yet to fully bloom.

They are the objects of desire for the other guys who don’t look for boobs first. But today we were chatting about the busty Shush escorts, because we know you love them!

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