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Do gentlemen prefer blonde brunette or red head escorts?


It is accepted that we all have a type that we are superficially more attracted to than others, this applies to men and women. The old adage of gentlemen prefer blondes is true to a certain extent. However, I know some brunettes and redheads that would dispute that blondes have more fun. Yes some guys undoubtedly prefer blondes and are strongly attracted to them. However a large proportion of men do lust after Latina lovelies with their raven locks or brunette hair and smoothly textured olive sun drenched skin. Bubbly British brunettes are also popular with clients. When gents think of blondes they either have in mind the fifties Hollywood goddess image of Marilyn Munro or Mae West, or conjure up thoughts of Scandinavian beauties and their reputation of being liberal minded girls. Natural looking women with naturist tendencies. Red heads are more popular than you would imaging, of course there are not as many red headed people proportionately to blondes or brunettes so a good feisty red head escort can be a highly sought after young lady.

We often have stereotypical ideas about Blonde, brunette and red heads Some gents do think you have more fun with a blonde escort in Manchester. However I know brunettes with an equally veracious appetite for enjoying themselves. Red heads also have that reputation of being fiery and feisty. When looking for his ideal escort punters are often drawn to the type of lady they usually fancy. Though variety is the spice of life, why not experiment and choose a brunette or Latina instead of your usual blonde and test your preconceptions. Choose the right girl and I am sure you will get equal enjoyment. The most fun girlfriend I have ever had was a redhead and I usually go for olive skinned beauties or brunettes. So why not try a blonde instead of a brunette or red head.

Not all punters choose their Manchester escorts on hair colour

Many punters kick into touch the theory that guys go for either blondes brunettes or redheads. Some gentlemen may go for the busty, curvy voluptuous type regardless of hair colour. Some men think that certain nationalities are more lascivious than others and fulfil their needs more. Some clients may totally abandon their normal type as they have a fantasy to go with a black girl or someone of a certain age. Either a teen or on the other end of the scale a more mature experienced woman who can maybe teach then a few tricks of the trade. It really is down to personal taste and choice but the escorting scene of a city as cosmopolitan as Manchester allows you to experiment with different types of escorts from various cultures and backgrounds. After seeking the companionship of various women you may even change your type or disregard hair colour altogether as a criteria of how to choose your escort. Try a redhead for a change if you usually go for brunettes of try seeing someone totally different as there are many hot black escorts who could surprise you.

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