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OUT CALL: £120

Candy |

OUT CALL: £120

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OUT CALL: £120

What makes her a mature escort?

At this Manchester escorts agency we classify our escorts over the age of 30 and up to 35 as mature escorts. In fact it is often virtually impossible to spot the difference between a mature escort and someone 10 years younger!  These extraordinarily fine Manchester mature escorts are enviable in so many ways. Their bodies are superb, toned and just as tight and firm as any of the other girls. They love to go to the gym and of course they get a lot of exercise every day as well!

These mature escorts look so good!!

These ladies have the edge in many ways over their younger counterparts, they know where to go for the best hairstylists, they have learned all the beauty tricks for keeping their skin supple and their hair glossy. Then of course, they have learned all the skills in their repertoire of sexy treats that make the guys coming back for more!! The gentlemen that know where the best experience with a Manchester escort is to be found will choose a mature escort every time.

Who are these mature escorts?

We are so excited to promote some wonderful mature agency escorts in Manchester, some of these delicious ladies have been escorts when they were younger and come back after some time out, others have been interested in a career change and knowing their own sensual natures have finally decided to take the plunge and enter the thrilling world of escorting, bringing with them some experience gained on the way!! Occasionally we have part-time Manchester mature escorts who realise that whilst they are not ready to give up their regular jobs, but want an outlet for their passionate natures. They work hard during the day at their regular jobs and play hard at night when they are out with a client from this the tops of the Manchester escorts agencies!!