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Etiquette for your Date

How should I prepare for my date?

When you are meeting with one of these beautiful escorts naturally you will have put some thought into how you want to spend your time together, perhaps where you would like to go or a destination such as the theatre or a music venue, or club. If it is a dinner date perhaps you should reserve a table. If you have something special in mind such as a conference or corporate function, allow enough time in booking for your escort to be appropriately dressed. With such a great evening ahead of you. of course you will want to get ready yourself, she will love to meet you freshly showered and smartly dressed. 

Where is a good place to go with my escort?

There are so many things to do in Manchester and across the North West, whether you want to make it a night on the town, visiting some of the top bars and clubs, or maybe if you are on a longer date you want to take your special lady shopping to buy her a little treat.  Planning is everything and she will appreciate the effort that you have put into your time together.  Always let her know, via the booking team, if she needs to wear a particular kind of clothing, perhaps if you want to take her to the racing at Aintree. Putting thought into your date will mean that you are both relaxed and able to enjoy your time together to the maximum.

Would Shush Escorts help me plan our time?

We can always give advice, but we are sure that your ideas will be the best and that way your escort will be impressed with the preparations for your date. But knowing what you want to do in your time together will help us match your plans with a girl who is perfect for what you have in mind.

It’s my First Time with an Escort – any Advice?

Everyone gets a little nervous before a date, in fact that edge helps you with the Adrenalin rushing together with your desire for such a stunning companion! Just with any other arrangements in life it is wise to prepare and then the best night of your life will simply unfold.

  1. Dressing smartly will give you the confidence boost that you may feel you need. It is great to meet your date looking your best and she will love it that you have made the effort.
  2. Of course, personal hygiene is important. Your date will arrive looking and smelling lovely; you will want to return the compliment by having paid attention to your own presentation so you should be freshly showered with just a dash of cologne.
  3. Be punctual, no lady likes to be kept waiting. It something unavoidable happens on the way such as bad traffic, then let the agency know that you are delayed and will be with your escort as soon as possible. If you are meeting in a hotel foyer, bar or restaurant it is embarrassing for the lady to be standing around and she always needs to feel secure.
  4. Ensure that if you are on a dinner date or going clubbing etc that you have enough cash or cards on you to cover your bills.
  5. If you are going to a specific venue, or a sporting event let this agency know when booking so that your escort is dressed appropriately. If you are looking for special services, do discuss with the agency at the point of booking, don’t assume that your escort will simply go along with your plans. She may decline.

What information do I need to give Shush Escorts?

All that we require from any clients are three pieces of information:

These details are required for the safety and security of the escort and for the driver to bring her to your location. No information is shared with a third party unless we believe the safety of the escort is compromised.

Does Shush Escorts protect my identity?

We take your privacy as our number one priority at all times and our respect has been earned within the industry, by clients who have used our services in the past, as an agency that offers discretion at all times. We do understand that any lack of privacy could potentially have a huge impact on the life of any client, but you can be assured that tact and discretion are absolute with us.


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