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What appeals to you about being an escort?


For many young women who are thinking of taking a Manchester escort job, there are two main attractions to joining one of the premium Manchester escort agencies.

It cannot be denied that everyone is drawn to the money that can be earned with a good agency, but it is also the lifestyle that is seen being enjoyed by others and which could be found by becoming an escort.

Where else can anyone find a job with benefits like this, with no experience needed, no exams or training, in fact with an immediate start! 

Two things this Manchester escort job offers you

Being an escort is like being your own boss, because if you are listed by Shush as one of the  Liverpool escorts, or you are based in Manchester and escort here, then you will find that we are flexible about when you are available, something that you don’t find from all  escort agencies in Manchester.

Choosing the days of the week that fit in with your existing commitments, you will be enjoying an income by meeting your clients, at an hourly rate that is around 10 times the average income!! However, it is not just the income that makes this the ideal choice for those special young women who have the outlook on life that makes it the choice for them. Life in the escorting world is exciting.  Meeting up with clients who value their escort times as something that they cherish, a release from the trials and stress of their busy lives. They are looking for a magical time with a beautiful young woman who encourages them to put it all aside and focus on pleasure – even for their limited time together.   

Apply today and this could be you!

When we meet up for an interview we will know whether you potentially have what it takes, and you will know whether we are the right one from amongst the Manchester escorts agencies for you. You can start as soon as you are ready as a Liverpool escort and can be meeting your first escort date within days. Are you ready to be enjoying life with a client at his hotel room, or accompanying him to the hottest bars and clubs and introducing him to the nightlife in Liverpool. Escorts like you accompany their clients to events, or simply share their one to one time at his location. With the casual nature of these dates, you are free to meet the kind of guys that can show you a different side of life that may not have fallen within your experience otherwise.

All escort agencies in Manchester look for the best

At Shush just like other escort agencies we are looking for the best new escorts available – so if you have the looks, the presentation, the figure and the sense of adventure and love of sharing time with guys who love girls like you – then that’s what we mean. If you want to join a genuinely popular escort agency, an agency that looks after its escorts and works hard to promote you as a Liverpool escort introducing you to quality clients, then we would like to receive your application as soon as possible. If you know yourself then you will know whether you have what it takes to become an escort. Don’t hesitate – we need to meet and see if this is the new world for you. Complete our online application or give us a call after 6pm any night.

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