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Most Expensive Female Escorts in United Kingdom

Female companionship has its own advantages for the men. The best part of female “companions” is that you can find them in all shapes, sizes and prices. However, the ones we all desire for falls into the category of high class escorts who lives a royal life through earning cash and prizes both. In fact, some of the top escorts earn as much cash as some of the managers in blue chip companies.

With today’s fast growing Internet technology, escort services are able to push their strategies over the web. You can witness the rise of several escort websites over the Internet who are doing pretty well. You might have heard it that celebrities, sportsmen, politicians and other high paying professionals often require female companionship. To satiate their desires some sharp minds introduced female companions for them back in time, but now the business has taken extremely huge shape with all the new and existing players running hard for the money. The x factor behind the huge success of these agencies is high class and elegant escort ladies who took the decision to join escort industry. Without these ladies the escort industry has got no identity.

The sexually exploit ladies who are rich and married are meant to stay behind the closed doors. Interestingly, ladies who have been exposed and come out of those closed doors, escort purchases and extra-marital affairs, are the ones successfully attracted the public. Have you imagine how much these delicious ladies cost for an average night for their services? The royal ladies and their charge mentioned below are the most recent available, however all escorts do not charge same.


The pretty looks and adorable face of Victoria tells the whole story how she spends her earning. Sometime these types of escorts could earn somewhere around £3,000/night. Victoria is another of David Beckham’s companion. Sounds like a Hollywood star, in earning capabilities yes she is not behind from a reputed Hollywood actress. That’s how this pretty lady loves to go with her clients.


Belinda is yet another exciting and sophisticated escort female in United Kingdom. Belinda is very choosy in her approach and she takes clients what she likes. She usually meet the person in first and then think of further arrangements. She is very fond of travel and adventure so likewise she encourages men of wealth and royalty. She got an average rate of £4,000/night which is why she got the place in this list. Her way of living and spending nature explains a lot about her. Her photographs in her website shows her as a very elegant lady with whom every man wants to sleep.


This young independent self-acclaimed entrepreneur has got an inspiring story of her success. Anyway, she is now an established independent escort in United Kingdom who never wants to look back at the time. Her gorgeous looks and killer instincts helped her top earn somewhere around £5,000/night. She has managed herself to feature in the top class escort category. She likes to travel around the world and therefore she prefer clients who oftentimes fly.


Vivian a former local model of Manchester, did not set out to be an escort. She was actually the victim of such tragic story where her mother was underwent a heart surgery and they had no finance for it. She then decided to take a charge and started her little modelling assignments to treat her mother. Gradually, she tasted the blood of royalty and luxury and now for her it is exactly what she wanted for all the years. She earns around £16,000/night – looks like the salary of top company executives. So, she tops our list of most expensive escorts.

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