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Some Mind blowing Facts About Escort Industry

07 September 7, 2019

Escort industry is very interesting and is full of many interesting facts and dark secrets. It is becoming very popular and is always in news every now or then. Many famous female celebs work as VIP escorts and charge thousands of dollars for one date. In this article we will share some interesting facts about Escort Industry and global escorts :

  • Do you know the world’s oldest escorts are twins who have been in the escort industry for the last 50 years?

The award to the oldest escorts goes to Dutch Twines Martine and Louise Fokkens who retired at the age of 71 in the year 2013. They started as an escort when they were just 20 years and claim that they have shared the bed with around 3,30,000 men.

  • Escorts in Historic Greece were punished for not wearing lipstick: In historic Greece, it was mandatory for prostitutes to wear a lipstick. It was believed that if the prostitutes were not using lipstick, they were trying to represent themselves as a lady of the society
  •  An Escort by the name Lauren Charges $25,000 a night:

Lauren is one of the highest paid escorts in the work and has a very high demand. People have to wait for months to get an appointment with her. She usually charges $25,000 a night and around $50, 000 for an entire weekend. Most of her clients are those who belong on the Forbes list.

  • Nokia’s mobile phone “Lumia” means Prostitute In Spanish: When Nokia launched their mobile phone under the brand name “Lumia” they forgot to check it’s meaning in other languages.  It is used to call a prostitute in the Spanish language
  •  UK’s Gay Escort is one of World’s Highest Paid Escort: Josh Brandon is a gay escort who lives in the UK. He is considered at one of the costly gay escorts of the world. He charges around $7000 for a night. He is a charity worker as well and supports National Ugly Mugs ( a database that is dedicated to escorts and helps in keeping sex workers safe)

As a Manchester Escort Agency, we come across so many interesting things every now and then. There is so much to share about manchester escorts as well but we have to maintain discretion.  Here’s one more :

Do you know that one of the highest alcoholic drink was invented by a renowned prostitute?

The world-famous drink “Aunt Roberta” is named after a former prostitute who invented it while tying her hand with various alcoholic drinks. It is amongst world’s top 10 most alcoholic beverages. It has around 8.5 shots of high percentile alcohols and might reduce your lifespan. It is said that “Aunt Roberta” drink killed maybe 34 of her patrons

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